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  •  Polyester geogrids PGG type

In order to meet the tendencies of the world producers and to answer the enquiries and needs of our domestic mining market, we have put Polyester mining geogrid of PGG type into force. This particular product is known for its numerous adventages like:

Small weight ; corrosion – resistance; application – friendliness; tearing- resistanace; fire retardanty and nontoxicity. Moreover, the grid is resistant to chemical alkaline and aicidic compounds, especially high concentration of brines. It is also anti-electrostatic; can be moulded, winded-up and easily transported;

Technical parameteres:

White colour; content of Polyester fibres; the length of the PGG coil is 20 metres up to 100 metres ; its standard width is 1 meter up to 5 metres, the eye size is 50 mm (in standard version).

The grid is light and flexible, its weight is cca 1kg per 1 square metre with tensile strength of 30 kN to 1000 kN.

The geogrid PGG can by applied in closed pit mines, in a methan and non-methan fields, in closed pit mines of class A and B of a danger of coal dust explosion and „a”, „b” „c” categories of a danger of methan explosion. It can also be applied in areas which are prone to selfcombustion and these of water hazard.

The geogrid has the Certificate with the right to mark the product with Class „B” safety label of OBAC/0519/CB/14.

Gernerally, PGG grids may be used as an alternative to traditional methods where the steel mesh, concrete bricks or steel sheets have been applied, especially in coal mines and salt or copper ore mines.

  • The examples of PGG grids application are:
  • Repairing set consists of a reliable double–grid; basalt bars stiffening the grid and grips anchoring the grid to the double timber.
  • The grid for a support timbering; roof bolting; as a lagging or lining in underground headings instead of traditional steel meshes and concrete bricks.
  • As an alternative solution to protect a corroded steel lagging of the gallery suport
  • As a lining in the headings with corroded steel lagging
  • As an astel and side walls behind the double timber of the support
  • Goafs insulation by means of shortcrete
  • As an astel and side walls of haulage tunells (including wall rigging liquidation)
  • While exploiting thick coal layers
  • Hydraulic filling
  • Protection against falls of roof
  • Protection of the heading floor
  • Composite Mesh OKK type

 We would like to introduce an innovative type of OKK Composite Mesh applicable in underground mining headings at excavation sites. It is proper for guniting. It makes a perfect roof and side walls anchorage as well as a lagging of the support. It is an excellent solution as a repairing set in the dog headings by anchoring a cracked brick lining of the pit bottom.

The mesh meets the PN-G-06011:2013-10 and PN-G-15050:1996 (of Polish Norms) requirements in terms of light and heavy mesh types. Also, it meets all the technological requirements in the field of manufacturing of the corridor lining for both the headings drifter by heading machines and where explosives are used.

The Mesh has a Certificate with the right to mark the product with Class „B” safety label of OBAC/00420/CB/14.

The most characteristic features of the OKK Mesh are the following:

  • I does not corrode – consequently, can be used in the chemically aggressive environments;
  • It is highly resistant with low weight and high flexibility which let the mesh adjust to the rock mass easily. ,
  • It is fire-retardant; non-toxic and anti-electrostat;
  • It can be applied in the excavations of the blow danger;
  • Fully mineable by standard excavation methods;
  • Environment - friendly.


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