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In our offer we have two-component material called Flexible membrane MSM. It is the material which is applied with the thin layer of 2 to 6 mm on the rocks or on shotcrete. It is characterized by high elasticity, features of good isolation (sealing) against water and gas influence and big capacity (about 200m2 of 1 ton of material for the layer 4 mm).

Membrane MSM is used for the side walls and the roofs isolation against gases and water leakage, sealing of the insulating stoppings, protection of the rocks against weathering and breaking, as the layer cooperating with anchor lining and as isolation and as an additional protection of slide walls and roofs together with shotcrete.

MSM holds a certificate for the safety mark ‘B’, Hygienic Certificate and Evaluation of the Toxicity and Harmfulness, which were issued after number of the specialised tests conducted by the accredited testing units.

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