Zakład Produkcji Maszyn i Urządzeń Minniczych was established in 2006. Its main activity is the production of explosion-proof mining compressor units intended for operation in underground mine workings. The units produced in the plant with a power from 22 to 110kW and capacity from 3.4 to 18.5m³ / min. Are used to supply mine pipelines, all pneumatic devices, fog systems and water-air installations used in combines.

Currently, nearly 300 of our aggregates work in all domestic mining plants, mines of the Czech Republic and salt mines, and our specialized staff of service staff is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another device, the production of which we started in 2014, is the MWS-1-L / N mobile longwall drilling rig. This device is designed for drilling large-diameter holes up to 270mm by rotary method in the floor, in-house, side walls and in the roof of the longwall face. The innovative construction of the drilling rig improves the safety of the above-mentioned works by eliminating the greatest risk that occurs during their performance, i.e. rockfall.

The offer of our plant is complemented by the production of equipment for the mining industry, which includes intrinsically safe pressure sensor boxes, mechanical temperature limiters and analog temperature sensors.

All devices manufactured by us are designed and made in accordance with the requirements for devices, protective systems and components intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, based on the currently applicable standards and legal acts for Directive 94/9 / EC. They also have appropriate EC-Type Examination Certificates and Certificates of Conformity.