Department of Conveyor Transport Systems

Conveyor transport is a seemingly simple and seemingly well-developed field. In reality, however, there are many areas that require decisive steps to be taken to improve the reliability, safety and, consequently, to increase the economic efficiency of the conveyor transport process.

Qualified staff and many years of experience allow us to take a comprehensive approach to solving the following problems:

  • Cleaning conveyor belts from the remains of transported material through the use of MAS®830 Cleaning Systems
  • To ensure the correct guidance of the conveyor belt thanks to the active operation of the CEN-TRAX Kits
  • Capturing and diverting the transported material at the WAMAS Complex Reloading Stations
  • Compensation of the kinetic energy of the transported material with the Anti-Impact DvB Bed
  • Dust reduction at transfer stations – SPILLEX Sealing Systems
  • Elimination of the phenomenon of skidding drums in drive stations – Ceramic FLEX lining – LAG Weld On.

Each time we diagnose a problem, conduct a feasibility analysis, select and install devices. We provide full service and delivery of spare parts.

Our offer includes: