Department of Cooperation with Machine Manufacturers

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Department of Cooperation with Machine Manufacturers

The Department of Cooperation with Machine Manufacturers, as part of specific commodity groups, delivers materials and components for the production of machines and devices for the mining industry and its back-up facilities.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience, we have expanded the scope of our activity to cooperation with the energy industry in the supply of goods and equipment for the production of scraper slags.

Based on the specifics of the contracts being carried out, we have implemented the distribution of mineral and metallic abrasives intended for blast cleaning as well as accessories and accessories for shot blasting devices.

We have expanded our cooperation with the construction industry by the delivery of concrete flooring materials along with technical consultancy. In addition to traditional dispersed reinforcement, we have introduced new technologies in the form of other fibers, including copolymer ones. We are a supplier of concrete additives, in particular hardening sprinkles and impregnating agents.

We have gained the recognition of our clients, among others by offering goods in accordance with applicable standards, having the required certificates and certificates.