Packaging Distribution Department

Packaging printed from solid cardboard

In close cooperation within the consortium with Drukarnia IPAK, MAS Sp. z o.o. can provide the highest quality unit packaging for many products of various industries.

Using modern printing and packaging production technologies, we can refine the packaging by using embossing, spot varnishes, hybrid varnishes, hot stamping, foiling, foil windows, etc. We provide storage, continuity of deliveries and execution of orders “on call”.

Food packaging

We offer the highest quality, wide range of food packaging products, incl. aluminum foil in rolls, breakfast bags, baking paper in sheets and rolls, baking sleeves, cling film, ice bags, etc.

Our offer includes a wide range of garbage bags, breakfast bags, aluminum grill trays, aluminum cooking and grilling bags (new), kitchen sponges, metal scourers, microfiber cloths and viscose, mops, rubber gloves and other cleaning supplies household.

The above offer is possible thanks to close cooperation within the consortium MAS sp.z o.o. with the manufacturer of many of the above-mentioned products, ALEURO CONVERTING TRADE Sp. z o.o.

Plastic packaging

We specialize in the distribution of LDPE, MDPE and HDPE packaging and heat-shrinkable films, including:

  • shrink and packaging foil (sleeve, half-sleeve, tape);
  • LDPE and MDPE poly bags;
  • machine stretch film (Standard, Power, Super Power, Ultra Power) film thickness from 8 to 40 mic. stretch depending on the type of foil: 150-300%;
  • manual stretch film – we offer a film in the weight of 1 to 3 kg with gradation of weight according to the customer’s needs;
  • wrapping tapes and printed wrapping tapes.

Contact of solid cardboard packaging

Phone: +48 32 205 02 48


or on the website of the IPAK Printing House

Food packaging contact

Phone: +48 32 205 02 48


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